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Welcome to Carrizozo Works, Inc.

Mission Statement
CARRIZOZO WORKS, INC. is dedicated to being a catalyst for community and economic development and improving the quality of life in and areas immediately surrounding Carrizozo, New Mexico.

Carrizozo, located in historic Lincoln County, is a ranching community, former railroad town and artist enclave in south-central New Mexico. Located on the high plains. ringed by mountains, it receives an average of 286 days of sunshine. Thanks to the Tularosa Basin aquifer, Carrizozo is blessed with plenty of water. Residents experience a low cost of living, low population density, clean air and vistas that spread out for miles in every direction under New Mexico’s famous transcendent light.

The town is filled with creatives, young families, old-timers and entrepreneurs living in a culturally diverse population. One organization, Carrizozo Works, Inc. (CWI), promotes this very special way of life by sponsoring capital improvement projects and local grass-roots organizations.  Incorporated in 2008 as a 501(c)(3), CWI’s purpose is to benefit Carrizozo by assisting community-based affiliates through fiscal sponsorship, shaping policy as the economic development branch of the Town of Carrizozo and creating projects and events that encourage diversity, inclusion, equity and participation by and for the entire community. 

Whether you are considering relocating to south central New Mexico or a long-time resident, we need and value your energy, vision and input. We have historic properties waiting to be restored, services to grow and the opportunity for small retail and manufacturing businesses to succeed. Carrizozo Works, Inc. is here. All we need is you.


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